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Creating a marketplace makes the buying journey shorter, data-driven and experience-rich. The biggest advantage in selling your products and services online is that you collect customer, product and operational insights that are helpful in enhancing products, processes, and decision-making.

B2B deals are more than sales; you can earn a long-term partner as your product services add to their business efficiency. Also, a lot of money is at stake, so client engagement and customer experience are the two key areas that can increase profits for B2Bs.

E-commerce technology eliminates the long and complicated buying journeys of B2B, which force them to engage customers on many channels, thereby making it impossible to weave proven principles of interactivity, personalisation and network participation into customer experiences.

The E-Bantu marketplace offers families, households, traders and wholesalers in Germany, Europe and Africa a unique online shopping gateway and sales service.

Whether you are in Berlin, Paris, Moscow or New York, there is no border. We Promote Made in Germany of course, the Best Quality Industry in the World.

Order your products anywhere in Germany, Africa, Europe, Asia, America as if your supplier is in Frankfort.

Payments are secured and deliveries are monitored by the E-Bantu sales department.
Open your account for free, then sell or buy the products of your choice.

Do you want to open a business account? It's very easy, just be registred, choose your shop and send us your business document, and your shop will be quickly activated.

Another advantage which can not be found on eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Real, Cdiscount or Jumia is that you can purchase at E-Bantu Store even if you don't have an Paypal account: baby items, agricultural tractors, cars, trucks, buses, machines of all kinds in one environment.

The Import-Export service handles transactions securely until delivery.

All of the staff at E-Bantu Marketplace are happy to have you as a customer in their business environment.

Shop mow on www.e-bantu.com (english), www.e-bantu.com/de/ (deutsch) or www.e-bantu.com/fr/ (francais).



Each product item is carefully checked before appearing on E-Bantu Store.



All these products are under the brand reputation, with clear origins, competitive pricing, warranty and maintenance products very carefully.


Faster Delivery

All these products are under the brand reputation, with clear origins, competitive pricing.

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What we really do?

Get all the best deals, sales and offers from the best online shopping stores worldwide E-Bantu. Sign up now !

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Our Vendors

Make money by opening your shop in our Marketplace E-Bantu and win millions of customers around the world. Sign up now !

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History of Beginning

After working with different Marketplaces since more than 10 years in Germany, we have realized that we have invested a large of our asset by paying high fees just for our presence in the shopping gateway. Many of our collegues has closed their shops because they couldn’t support their expensive. Many other people are disappointed from those classic shopping gateways and are looking for alternatives. We have started alone, but we will grow with you together. Sign up now !

Meet our team

Our young Team is ready to answer your questions within 24H/7. We provide free advise for our business vendors, track and solve every misunderstanding with their customers

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Jennifer lawrence

Dev Leader

Susan Narama

Design Leader

Michal Kors

Art Director

John Lemeob

Tech Leader
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